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Nurturing Body and Soul

Health Conscious Living is an intentional lifestyle choice that prioritizes your well-being and nurtures spirit, body, and mind. Making informed decisions about nutrition, exercise, and self-care tailored to your specific needs leads to vitality and a vibrant, fulfilling life.

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“We are spiritual beings on a human adventure to learn, grow, gain wisdom, and share our gifts with the world!”
Gayle Myers MD
My sessions with Gayle have helped me rediscover myself, and to renew my inner joy and confidence. I was referred to Gayle during a time of emotional struggle, physical pain, confusion, and doubt. With her wisdom, kindness, insight, and encouragement, she has helped me recognize and release old patterns from this and past lifetimes and validate my own insights and intuition. This has helped to rekindle my passion and joy for teaching, and she has inspired me to inspire others.  I am more grounded and really feel that I am an embodied Soul here to serve others in my own unique and divine way!!

Anita Chenier

Private Sessions Client

Gayle is a special being who is extraordinarily tapped in to higher wisdom. I was struggling to connect in with my purpose and my next steps were blurry. In a soul reading session Gayle brought forward wisdom I didn't know I needed and I left our session with extreme clarity and a sense of lightness. I would highly recommend working with Gayle. Your soul will thank you.

Sally Prosser

That Voice Podcast

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