Gayle Myers MD
I have dedicated my life to studying medicine and spirituality for soul-body healing and integration.

I deeply appreciate your soul’s journey to embody light and wisdom so you can share your special purpose and gifts. We are each unique and needed. The soul needs the body to manifest in the physical world, and the body needs the soul to guide it. 

My mission is to support your soul’s spiritual awareness, growth, and abilities in a loving relationship with the body. When you heal from your spirit, which is whole and undivided, you heal your body and your life.


Dr. Gayle Myers, Board-Certified Integrative Medicine Physician and Host of the Health Conscious Living Podcast, is retired from private practice. For over 30 years, she helped patients with complex medical conditions progress from illness and pain to health and well-being. 

Dr. Gayle has studied meditation for over 40 years and is the Co-Founder of the Intuitive Awareness Center. Since 2007 she has taught beginner to advanced classes and now teaches all levels of Spiritual Wisdom Meditation Tools to access your Inner Wisdom, find your own answers and create a life of health and abundance. 

She reminds us to prioritize ourselves amidst life's distractions, safeguarding our focus on what truly matters: our spiritual-physical health and happiness. By embodying our healthiest selves in our thoughts and actions, we cultivate a lifestyle that radiates vitality and fulfillment.

Her goal is to inspire Health Conscious Living, using meditation as the foundation for health and well-being. 

  • Board Certified in Integrative Medicine
  • Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine
  • A graduate of the Internal Medicine Residency at Robert Wood Johnson School of Medicine
  • 35 years of post-graduate training in Biodynamics of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field
  • MD degree from Autonoma University of Guadalajara, Mexico
  • BA and MS degrees in Botany from the University of Vermont

Dr. Gayle began her spiritual studies over forty years ago. For the past twenty years she studied with Michael Tamura, author of You Are the Answer : Discovering and Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose. 
She is a graduate of Michael Tamura’s: 
  • Healer’s Apprenticeship
  • Advanced Healer’s Apprenticeship
  • The ten years of advanced Clairvoyance and Trancemediumship Mastery Courses in Michael’s Seers, Healers, Applied Practical Experience (SHAPE) global spiritual community.

Dr. Gayle is a graduate of: Psychic Horizons: 
  • Clairvoyance Course
  • Teachers Course
  • Ministers Course

Intuitive Insights: 
  • Spiritual Leaders and Teachers Programs
  • Five-year Trance Medium Program
  • Advanced studies to give spiritual healings and counseling to foster the soul’s growth and awareness. 

Reverend Gayle Myers is a licensed non-denominational minister for the Church of Inner Light. 

In 2007, Dr Gayle began teaching Intuitive Tools for professionals. In 2013 she and Gwyneth R Flack, MA Co-Founded and Co-Directed the Intuitive Awareness Center in VT, teaching foundational Intuitive Tools classes, two-year Clairvoyance courses, advanced Clairvoyance and Divine Feminine Creativity courses to professionals in New England and Canada. Dr Gayle has taught the Spiritual Journey of Osteopathic Canadian study group since 2015. She now teaches Spiritual Wisdom Meditation beginner to advanced classes. 

Since 2013 she continues to offer private sessions as an expert Clairvoyant Reader and Healer to support spiritual self-development.

I became a Wellness and Resilience Expert after surviving a high-impact collision and near-death experience in 2011.  I combined all my medical knowledge and used the Spiritual Wisdom Meditation Tools I now teach as the foundation for my healing and recovery. I’m passionate about sharing my five-year recovery journey from incapacitating pain and disability to a full recovery to inspire others who are on their path to recovery and wellness. 

In 2022, I was inspired to host the Health Conscious Living Podcast, where I share lifestyle health habits and discuss the indomitable human spirit, hope, resilience, and positive mindset. In this show, I also teach spiritual wisdom meditation tools to access inner wisdom for healing and thriving. 

Dr. Gayle has been featured on:

Authority Magazine
Thrive Global
The List TV
Weight Watchers of CA
The Wellness and Wellbeing Summit
Organic Spa Magazine
When we practice kindness and compassion, starting with ourselves, we foster deeper connections and stronger relationships.
Gayle Myers, MD
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